Known push-button smartphone will update the first


It is reported about the beginning of the first software upgrade push button phone from the famous brand whose devices have been popular long before the era of Android and iOS.

Smartphone BlackBerry KEY2 receives its first OTA update. This keypad smartphone running the preinstalled Android OS 8.1 Oreo thus, the update, of course, contains another version of the operating system. It includes security updates as of July 1, 2018, and delete functions calls using Wi-Fi. It is assumed that this feature in the future again will return, says Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman), considering upgrading the BlackBerry KEY2 on the resource page

BlackBerry KEY2 — first update

Обновление BlackBerry KEY2

When the user KEY2 will receive a notification that an update is available, it is necessary to check whether the connection is through Wi-Fi or cellular network. In addition, it is also necessary for the battery of the device, the capacity of which is 3500 mAh were fully charged. Once these two tasks are performed, the user can proceed to install the updates.

BlackBerry KEY2

BlackBerry especially emphasizes the safety of their devices, so it provides the latest monthly security updates for Android OS about the same period of the month. Unlocked version of the BlackBerry KEYone will soon receive the July update security Android. It must be remembered that the OTA updates are provided gradually rather than immediately to all devices. There is also the option to install the update manually by clicking on Updates smartphone or KEY2 unlocked KEYone.

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