Konami has released Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite

Konami decided to move to a model of free-to-play to attract new players.

The main focus in PES 2019 Lite is the MyClub mode, where gamers can assemble their own team of their favorite players past and present. MyClub is optionally available in-app purchases, apparently, is due to their Konami is going to monetize the game.

In addition to MyClub, players can also play exhibition matches offline and to improve their skills in training. And PES League will take part in the matches of 3-on-3 and limited time tournaments.

Let’s see if PES 2019 Lite to significantly increase the popularity of the game. Sale PES 2019 fell by 42% compared to the previous version, but to compete with the FIFA series has become much harder after Konami lost the license to the UEFA tournaments, and EA in turn, not primenul to use it.

Download PES 2019 Lite in Steam and the PlayStation Store.

Sources: Engadget, Konami

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