Kraken laughed at the announcement of the Cardano and zcash for listing on Coinbase

Yesterday exchange Coinbase announced its intention to add to the listing of five new coins: Cardano, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), zcash for (ZEC) and 0x (ZRX). The exchange noted that in the first time to trade them will be able to residents of several countries, which is not part of the United States — while the marketplace has not received approval to release tokens from the SEC.

The main competitor Coinbase, Kraken exchange, criticized the actions of the company. The organization believes that to announce its intention to add new tokens to the list too. This writes the CCN.

Whether to pre-announce listing tokens? The opinion of Coinbase and Kraken

Some users share the view of the Kraken that the decision Coinbase to announce the listing of the tokens to actually add to the exchange a strange look. In Coinbase explained, such approach attempt to make the coins transparent integration for users and regulators.

We are exploring the addition of several new assets and will work with local banks and regulatory bodies to add them to the maximum possible number of jurisdictions. The listing of these coins requires more research regarding the safety and reliability of the tokens. In addition, the individual elements of the blockchain zcash for, Stellar and Cardano, you may not be able to fully integrate into our platform.

Coinbase explanation did not satisfy the management Kraken. The Twitter exchanges began a sarcastic message about the intention to add 1600 new tokens, including all the coins from CoinMarketCap rating.

Today was an exciting and important event for the community. Kraken is considering to add in the listing of over 1,600 new coins. But first we must finish the complex process of research tokens. To evaluate your new features, go to CoinMarketCap.

The publication notes that mockery Kraken assessed only a small part of the crypto community. Other users have found the solution to Coinbase true — the openness and transparency of the process of adding a new token may serve as a factor in the growth and development of the digital market.

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