Ksenia Sobchak can pay 100 million rubles for your love for iPhone

Even today it is difficult to surprise someone with tales about how one or another smartphone manufacturer got burned on trying to get a photograph taken with a professional camera, the result of its new flagship. Much more interesting punctures stars that advertise machines less popular brands in your Twitter by posting them with the message “Sent from iPhone”. But what happened with Ksenia Sobchak, who are the face of the Galaxy, does not come with the mishaps of its predecessors any comparison.

British newspaper the Mirror published the incriminating video which demonstrates Ksenia Sobchak, sitting in the Studio of radio station “Echo of Moscow” and excitedly poking at the screen of your iPhone X.

The video clearly heard as the presenter asks you not to begin the ether until then, until it’ll take the smartphone out of sight because she is not allowed to be seen with devices of other brands, except for Samsung Electronics.

Publicity story in which Sobchak in such a shameless manner violates the obligation to appear in public only with Galaxy smartphones, aroused great indignation of the heads of Samsung, which has decided to apply for leadership to the court.

Sobchak sued

According to information from open sources, Samsung lawyers are going to sue Sobchak losses incurred from its public actions, for a total amount of 1.6 million dollars (over 100 million). This amount, according to company representatives, is intended to cover the costs that the presenter received as ambassadorthe fee, as well as to compensate for the reputational damage to the brand.

On the other hand, we have no evidence that this story is true. Official representatives of the Sobchak and Samsung Electronics is still not given any comment, without confirming or denying the claim.

Cases of betrayal Samsung

Samsung is not the first time suffering from the infidelity of its stellar representatives. For example, in 2014, lead singer of Maroon5 Adam Levine took part in advertising music service Milk Music from Samsung, but a week later appeared at the iTunes festival. Another case occurred with the tennis player David Ferrer, who has written several obviously paid tweets support for Galaxy S4, forgetting to remove the message “Sent from iPhone”.

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