Kurt Russell will play in a Hollywood film about the cryptocurrency

In February, the actor Steven Seagal became the face of ICO startup Bitcoiin. The project was planned to raise money in an anonymous cryptocurrency Bitcoiin2Gen running on Ethereum. In the end, project owners ran away with money of investors.

Now a colleague of Seagal, actor Kurt Russell, will participate in the filming of “Crypto”. It tells the story of a young agent who investigates cases of fraud and money laundering in new York. This writes Coindesk.

Cryptocurrency now in cinema

The Thriller will be shot in the spirit of the film “the girl with the dragon tattoo.” In addition to Russell it will play Alexis Bledel, Jeremy Harris, Luke Hemsworth and others. Producer Jordan Levin told the publication that so far, bitcoin has not removed a single film, although this topic excites viewers for several years.

Coins attract the attention of millions of people around the world. However, no one has tried to tell about them in such a spectacular fashion, as the language of cinema.

Levin added that the shooting of the film has already begun. The plot is not disclosed.

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