Laptop HP Envy x2 is now available for purchase with a processor of Intel

HP Envy x2

Was HP one of the early adopters that has released a laptop running Windows 10 features processor core the ARM in the past year through the issue to fit the HP Envy X2 that is equipped with processor Snapdragon 835. The police confirmed a month later at the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018, that same laptop will also be available with a processor from the company Intel. After almost six months of that declaration, the company started HP finally shipped the need HP Envy X2 with an Intel.

Cost need HP Envy X2 equipped with the Processor Snapdragon 835 1000$, comes this case with 4GB of RAM, with 128GB of internal memory, as well as support for networks fourth generation 4G LTE. Now, you know HP version supported Processor Intel need HP Envy X2 is priced at 1150 USD note they come with the same amount of RAM and internal memory, and supports networks fourth generation. The company had earlier reported that the support networks of the fourth generation will be optional in the version which includes Intel.

This new version of the case, the HP Envy X2 includes a Processor Intel Core i5-7Y54, this means that customers will not be able to choose to get this laptop with a different processor. It should be noted that the use of this processor in many computers and portable super slim by many of the partners of Intel.

For the rest of the things they are remained the same so that customers will receive the Windows 10 Home, plus the screen is touch-sensitive which with a size of 12.3 inches, accuracy +WUXGA, processor and graphics Intel Graphics 615. Generally, the need of the HP Envy X2 is powered by Intel is now available for purchase on the official website to buy the HP Web site.



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