Laptops Huawei reappear again on the Microsoft Store digital

لابتوبات هواوي تعود للظهور مجدداً على متجر مايكروسوفت الرقمي

Usually the laptops Huawei to appear again on the Microsoft Store website according to the account e – WalkingCat, where Microsoft has removed it from her store last month, following the crisis of the ban of America against the company, in note The Return of MateBook وMateBook 13 وMateBook Pro with reference to the effectiveness amount for the latter.

The steps Microsoft has taken against Huawei warned of some sort where the process of removing their products from stores in its digital, without diversification or mention of any other steps to include the Windows operating system or to withdraw his license from the laptops of Huawei in the market as it happened and I did Google for the Android and phones the police.

In the comments of Microsoft on the re laptops Huawei to follow said that it took a Assessment of dependence the to Huawei to the list of embargo by the US Department of Commerce and is in the process of responding to the requirements of this process, accordingly, the resumption of the sale of its inventory of devices the Chinese company, according to the spokesman of Microsoft in response to the position of The Verge.

The company Microsoft has refused to make any statement following the removed devices Huawei Mobile store at 20-May last, also did not disclose also whether the intention of raising the extent of their actions against us, in the time that I joined the knees American companies to the province in relatively late.

It seems that the emergence of laptops Huawei the Microsoft Store and start selling it again guide another to the desire of American companies to reduce costs the influence of the ban on the Chinese giant, where the students were all from Google, Qualcomm, Intel and the government during the past few days, the lifting part of the sanctions to avoid a strike opposite would do.

Focused invitations Google to the US government to allow for using the system landed on the apparatus under the pretext of maintaining the security of user data, where Huawei is currently working on issuing a special operating system by the American company to be porous and not protected enough to keep the information of the users is put to public security.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei is suffering greatly after the U.S. ban, where the company’s CEO, yesterday about the size of the losses expected during the coming period and where you will feel it his company’s decline by billions of dollars and a contraction in the volume of sales of phones increased by 40%.

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