Last update in WhatsApp adds feature posters

Last update in WhatsApp adds feature posters

Since last January, the brewing network Facebook extra feature posters to develop awareness of the famous Watts August , as is the case in applications like Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and Facebook itself .

Today, in the last update to the investigation, became this feature is available permanently for everyone, note that it may take a few days until you can see the posters in the app version on your phone .

All that is required of you, if you have an Android phone, is pressing the Stop face in front of the box write, then search for the icon of the new posters next to the icon images animated Gif.

For users of iOS can have access to the package new posters through the list of additional sub-wave within a section of the app the user to send photos and videos.

Last update in WhatsApp adds feature posters

When you receive the sticker, users will be able to click on it to view additional information about the package labels of these, and they can install the package or add it to the package favorite.

Make sure you update the app on your phone to the latest version to you new feature.

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