LastPass: the best free service to manage passwords

Became the activity of the individual on the internet mirror his political position and his past and secrets of his family, he uses the same password for all his online activity, and the password, by them or by shortening of the service, it is very possible to turn his life upside down.

So it is advisable to always create strong passwords that are different for each account, but that requires that the passwords are long and do not carry the meaning of include letters and numbers, what makes it difficult to memorialize, Here Comes the role of password manager that does not ask you only one password to access any online accounts, even though the same accounts used different passwords.

Is LastPass the best free service for managing passwords, and even the paid version is available for about$ 2 a month only.

Features LastPass version free from competitors with the “auto synch”, as adding data and editing your account once, whether from your tablet or PC or phone, syncs automatically to the rest of the hardware used.

This is in addition to other features, such as tips to create strong passwords, autofill, and encrypted credit card data for secure shopping on the internet, protection of digital, share passwords, and more.

This knowing that the autofill feature has become operating on iPhone, iPad with iOS update 12, which are allowed, but still the devices do not allow to provide the automatic adjustment, therefore, you must enter data for new accounts manually even if you already entered on the case like.

From all this, agree a lot on that LastPass is the best protection for your life online, you can use it via custom applications for various devices; you can access them by going to official website.

As for the paid version are additional features, such as sharing passwords with more than one party at the same time, a distance of 1 gigabytes encrypted save data, and grant access to the words of the dying members of certain executives in the event of an emergency.

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