Latest games Apple Arcade this week

The launch of the service games Apple Arcade with more than 100 games, include service add new games constantly.

You can learn more about all the new games and download them by going to the tab Arcade in the App Store, and then drag down to the end and click on the “view all games”. Are viewing the latest games at the top.

I know of

If you haven’t sign up until now, the service is available free for the first month, after that you will have to pay $ 5 per month, featuring games with sync between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac and Apple TV. Become control devices wireless PS4 and Xbox now compatible with the Apple devices and some specific games.

The list of newly added games:

  • Rosie’s Reality: puzzle game Family, featuring designs graphics and three-dimensional beautiful, as is working with augmented reality technology very well.
  • Guildlings: a game of mysteries and adventure stories, set in environments and fantastical worlds different. Will face there and the dark and the mountain goblins and ghosts and other creatures.

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