Launch browser Fenix new of Mozilla as a limited trial version

Recently did not witness the Firefox browser a lot of development on the Android platform, and for good reason, as we have also followed with you that Mozilla is currently working on a new browser carries the name of the Fenix is coming a new experience and faster as well as view the more recent including included time dark, after weeks of development behind the doors, the company has released now the first version of the demo is limited to the browser by this shop on Google Play.

An important note in this version, is distinguished by their experience the smooth scrolling, and move the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen, allowing easier access to the menu and typing in new web sites, and also when you click on the button adapter tabs, the user will be taken to a screen overview the start page compact and the tab where you can save browsing sessions in groups.

إطلاق متصفّح Fenix الجديد من موزيلا باعتباره نسخة تجريبية محدودة

Finally to participate in the beta version, you will have to do several things, first join a group Google Fenix Nightly, then you also need to participate in demo version through the store GOG preorder, when only you can download the app directly, and if you want to be part of the development process through reporting bugs, you can join the project Beta Testing BugHunter your Mozilla of here, instead of all that, you can get the browser via a file download the APK from here.

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