Launch USB 4 with significant improvements in performance

Today was officially announced the launch of USB 4 the fourth generation of communication technology, which are indispensable that advertised for the first time in the month of March, you can simply notice that the new version is very similar to the Thunderbolt ™ port 3 found this because Intel itself has participated in the development of the USB 4.

The new generation USB 4 will retain the the existence the entrance to the USB-C which is used to transfer power or to transfer files but it will increase his speed and abilities significantly, which will amount to 40Gbps, but a writer of original and selected so that USB 4 will be in quantitative terms run two monitors on the 4K number of frames to 60 frames per second and at the same time!

The new generation will also suitable for PCIe as well as the graphic cards Foreign this coupled with its integration with previous generations of USB which is the USB 3.2 and USB 3.1 and USB 3.0 along with USB 2.0 old.

Also have been advertising on the conference USB Developer Days, which will be his in the coming weeks to clarify all the information about the USB 4 to be used in 2020.

Source: AndroidPolice

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