Launching the events of “GITEX Technology Week” in Dubai

إنطلاق فعاليات «أسبوع جيتكس للتقنية» في دبي
Launching the events of “GITEX Technology Week” in Dubai

Launching the events of “GITEX Technology Week” in Dubai

Today launched the activities of GITEX Technology Week, at Dubai World Trade Centre, with the participation of 4,500 exhibitors, the increase amounted to 80% in the number of participating startups, will be the annual session 38 of the exhibition, which continues until 18 January, and the second event “Gitex for the future”, the largest version of the “GITEX” in its history.

Participating in the exhibition, in the computer world, the British inventor of the World Wide Web (the internet), Tim Berners-Lee, who has focused its attention on internet giants of the likes of “Facebook” and”Google” and”Amazon”, where it reveals its project later, who comes is entitled “The IT”, which seeks to re-warmth control in personal data completely into the hands of internet users.

Will Berners-Lee, exclusive to the public through his participation in the show, about his new project promising, which has the support of many of the funds support projects, networks of solidarity, Ltd., and investors from institutional entities in particular.

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