Law and order: canadian court 420 bitcoins confiscated from the defendant

During a court hearing in Quebec suspect fraud ICO Dominique Lacroix handed the cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 3.7 million to court-appointed administrator. The local financial regulator and the SEC suspected Lacroix in a fraud scheme that cost defrauded investors of $ 15 million. This writes the CCN.

The penalty for bitcoins

U.S. and canadian regulators received the approval of the judicial authorities to freeze funds of Dominique Lacroix and his wife. On Tuesday, judge Raymond Pronovost ordered Lacroix to send their bitcoins to a trusted person and to be in Friday at the courthouse to confirm the transaction.

Lawyer is responsible for asset pairs administrator Hugo Babos-Marchand assured that convey the crypt will be easy. However, Lacroix did not agree and said about the impossibility of transferring money, as his computers were seized by the security forces.

After security forces brought the computer of the defendant in the courtroom, where he gave 420 bitcoins to the judge’s account. This court reduced the sentence to Lacroix, so he escaped prison. Recall, the fraud came under the scope of SEC in June. The regulator froze its accounts on the orders of the court. Then Lacroix was accused of fraud during the ICO PlexCoin.

Recall that in world practice there are other cases of the seizure of the crypt. Recently the Japanese police seized coins from the violators of traffic rules.

It is noteworthy that Dominic Lacroix is not the first time lands on the dock. In 2013, he was fined $ 25 000 canadian dollars for spreading false information.


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