Law of the European fine social platforms that display the content of the terrorist

All States strive to protect their citizens from the consequences of viewing the content of the terrorist, after a wave of attacks against London and Paris and Brussels and other European cities, the purpose of the European Union to enact a law in March, support websites and social media, to monitor the content, remove the support processes and media that promote terrorist acts, within 60 minutes, but not mandatory.

This move comes from the European Union, to impose a fine on those platforms like Facebook and YouTube, in case you hadn’t deleted that support operations in a time of a maximum of 60 minutes, as the European Commissioner for Security Affairs, Julian king for The Financial Times, about this by saying “they didn’t see any progress on this side, and they were ready to take decisions more explicitly in order to protect their citizens”.

It seems that the priority of the European Union at this time, is a recipe for social safe, prevent the promotion of the work of the mind and, in the response speed of the platforms and social networks to delete and block those contents, which also develop these platforms and social media sites under great pressure to increase censorship of publications, in a time which depends this is very difficult, as millions of users publish a variety of content daily.

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