Lawmakers want to know Google’s plans if they want to return to China

Google Company

A report released last month that Google Inc is planning to return to China by launching a new search engine corresponds essentially with the policies of censorship in the country. It now seems that American lawmakers have curiosity think Google do when you go back to China, and whether the company will adhere to the policies of China or not.

According to a new report released recently from the news agency Reuters, it seems that the group is composed of 16 legislators in the US want to interrogate company Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google on its plans in China. In fact, this group want to know whether Google will be able to protect the safety of its users if you allow China to operate in the country again, this will come without a doubt under certain conditions.

But Google had previously stated that it is ” not close ” to re-launch its search engine in China, but did not deny the fact that this idea of your target for a while, although that’s not necessarily a confirmation that it will continue in it. It is not surprising to find a company Google is interested in, new to the Chinese market due to the sheer number of users who expect the alternatives to competition.

At the same time, causing the censorship laws in China in a lot of controversy in the past, and recently we heard that employees at Google were not happy about the company’s plans into Against Internal.



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