Lawsuit against LinkedIn due to allegations of trade

Lifting one of the users of iPhone from the company Apple filed a lawsuit against the professional network LinkedIn LinkedIn-owned Buy Microsoft alleged trade read the sensitive content to the users of the application to the global portfolio.

According to Apple’s website on the web, the Universal Clipboard allows users to copy text, images and videos on your Apple TV and then paste the content on your Apple TV another.

Often contain preservatives to the sensitive information users cut or copy to paste, including pictures, texts, emails or medical records.

According to the suit filed in federal court in San Francisco by (Adam Bower) Adam Bauer, the LinkedIn read the information to the clipboard without notifying the user.

Been reported in the past week about the 53 application, including Tik Tok & LinkedIn, read clipboard content to global users, and after that began to feature privacy and Apple to alert users whenever they access to the clipboard with alarm says: pasted messages.

Claimed the issue of power that these readings are interpreted by the global portfolio of Apple TV on it is paste, and indicated that the disclosure of the violation of privacy has been by the Apple developers and independent software.

Official said, in the network professional cross-platform Twitter last week: the company released a new version of their application to end the practice, alleging that it was due to faulty software.

Discover the developers of the risks of micro operating system (iOS 14) to apply LinkedIn on the iPhone, iPad, and read in secret folder users a lot.

And the lawsuit to represent the class of users as a measure of beauty based on alleged violations of privacy laws the federal laws and California and social norms.

According to the complaint, was not linked in spying on its users, but was spying on the computers nearby and other devices, and turn on wait global portfolio of Apple, which increase the information after 120 seconds.

Recall that this is the first time that elevates a user of a lawsuit based on the privacy feature of the new operating system (iOS 14), which is provided by Apple for a limited number of users so far.

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