Lawyer Facebook argues that users should ” not to expect privacy “

Financial Markets Wall Street Facebook, New York, USA - 29 Mar 2018

While shopping, use free online service such as Facebook, do you expect to respect your privacy? One would think that, but according to one lawyer Facebook, it seems that this is not the case because it argued in court as part of his defense of Facebook is that it does not depend on the users to respect their privacy.

According to a report by Law360, he came comments of lawyer Orin Snyder as part of his attempt to defend company in a lawsuit filed against it because of the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica. He quoted Mr. Orin Snyder as saying : ” there is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy already, “ he added : ” You have to move something closely to be have a reasonable expectation of privacy “.

Call attorney Orin Snyder during his defense of Facebook, it must be considered to the police as a ” digital city ” where users voluntarily on their private information, and as such, should not expect any type of privacy as a result. However, not everyone was convinced by that argument, including the Court Judge Vince Chhabria.

According to the website Law.comlost Judge Vince Chhabria said : ” what you say now seems to be contrary to the letter published by Facebook itself about privacy “. I know the reputation of the Facebook hit big lately, after all these scandals related to privacy. In fact, there are some companies such as Apple that use the status of Facebook present to promote their own products. In the case of Apple itself, they claim that they do not handle their customers like they’re the middle of as you do Facebook.

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