Lawyers Huawei: evidence of American “non-authoritative” in the case of delivery of Ming

Argued lawyers for the director of finance to buy Huawei (Ming and Angie) in the documents released to the media on Friday that the evidence used by the United States to justify delivered “unreliable and incomplete” and must not be considered by the Canadian court.

The Ming aged 47 years old, was arrested at Vancouver International Airport on 1 December 2018, at the request of the United States, as charged with banking fraud, and accused of misleading the HSBC Bank on the work of Huawei in Iran. For its part, denied the Ming charges, and is now seeking to prevent its delivery.

Provided attorneys Ming testimony of expert witnesses from among them (John Bellinger) – former lawyer in the White House – in addition to a presentation of Huawei demonstrates its relationship with companies operating in Iran, in support of the argument of the Huawei that the United States neglected the main facts about communicating with HSBC Bank on the operations of Huawei in Iran, when a request for extradition Ming of Canada.

And wrote lawyers for the company Huawei to applications show that the evidence used by the United States as part of their case “is not reliable and clearly – and very reliable and incomplete – to justify the rejection of obligation (Ming) to extradite”.

It is planned to discuss the case in a courtroom of British Columbia in the month of September next as part of a hearing Ming design. It is expected to continue the recording session even entire month of April 2021.

Will be Ming next Monday hearings in the courtroom of the Canadian over the phone, would require the Attorney General of Canada to disclose more secret documents concerning the arrest of her to show the violation of their rights. Has been discontinued by the Attorney General of Canada some of the documents concerning the arrest by claiming the concession.

Argue team Ming legal need to stop the actions delivered as a result of violations.

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