Leak for OnePlus the latest from within the meeting the head of the company!

The diversion of a sudden the latest phones ahead of the company OnePlus, it is assumed to disclose either on the phone OnePlus 5G or Phone OnePlus 7, after standing wonder I met through her phone picture of the inside of the business meeting, attended by the CEO of the Chinese company for yourself!

The diversion of phone OnePlus

If you’re someone who raised the phone OnePlus 6T admiration recently, and wait for the appearance of any information about the phone expected soon from the same company, maybe you’ll like the idea of leaking the form of a newer phone, even if it was from inside the meeting of the president’s executive staff!

I came out recently pictures leaked of the phone waiting to be either OnePlus 5G or OnePlus 7, during the session, a session attended by Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, and other staff, among them no doubt leaked controversial image.

Reveal the pictures of different shape for OnePlus talk, where it seems that the phone that holds the red color will camera vast space and circular a bit, speculation suggests that the phone described the leak probably is the OnePlus 5G, because it’s about breasts in 2019.

The specification of the product.

The management company OnePlus has announced before the release phone its the latest OnePlus 5G, it will be across the company EE famous in the United Kingdom, where he explained the CEO Luan plus, the price of the phone platforms will exceed the value price for the company’s previous release, OnePlus 6T, is estimated at $ 100, means that the price of the phone OnePlus 5G probably will get over the barrier at USD, and it consists in the service of the fifth generation of the expense prohibitive.

It will give the phone OnePlus 5G slice through Snapdragon 855, supported بـX50 modem, with the situation in mind that the chip Snapdragon 855 would also Phone OnePlus 7, but supported بـ4G X24 modem.

In the end, no one can say for sure the type of phone shown in the last picture, however, is sure whether the phone OnePlus 5G or OnePlus 7, that the party responsible for leaking the footage that surprised everyone, it has now become of the past for the Chinese company famous.

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