Leak Motorola’s new Android One the design camera hole!

Use Motorola to launch a second phone this year with the Android One, which offers the distinctive experience and quick updates, it will shoot the police on the phone name Motorola One Action .

تسريب هاتف موتورولا الجديد بنظام Android One وتصميم ثقب الكاميراLeak Motorola’s new Android One the design camera hole

Been monitoring a new phone on the website of the Android Enterprise with its own specifications hint for launch soon, will come the Motorola action with a screen of 6.3 inches by the length to width of 21:9 and the hole settings of the front camera, and Android 9 Pie within the Android One and has the NFC .

For the outside world filter photos only the front facade of the phone that emphasizes on the design of the screen hole, and shows the power button and volume control on the right side of the phone.

But shopping the other refers to the advent of the Motorola Action with the camera design three background accurately 12.6 megapixel for the main camera, to the side of the sensor fingerprint.

Also from the perspective that features Motorola’s new chipset Exynos 9609 with several options of memory, the beginning of the 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage and even the option of 4\128 GB, all operated with a battery 3500 Milli amp.

Until now you did not specify the launch date of Motorola new, but we expect to disclose in a few weeks, and it is expected that the phone offers a cheap prices suitable for everyone.

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