Leak new not Galaxy A90 with three cameras at the back, and full free of pieces


Today appeared PHOTO Smartphone new by Samsung inside the lid of the protective transparent it is reported that Galaxy A90. This photo suggesting that the Galaxy A90 will have three cameras in the middle part of the backend accurately 48 megapixels camera basic accurately 12 megapixels the camera second, and accurately 5 megapixels camera, the second with the knowledge that previous rumors suggested the coming of this camera is the background of the troika with the advantage of a mysterious called is currently the name of ” Tilt OIS “. However, you should take into account that they will be there most likely another version of the phone Galaxy A90 you will get a sensor with 8 megapixels only in the second camera instead of the sensor 12 megapixels.

She said some of the rumors of the old so that the phone Galaxy A90 doesn’t have a retractable camera like the Galaxy A80. Indeed, the situation against the background of the phone Galaxy A90 looks natural in this picture. However, it was speculated that it will screen Infinity-U, which implies the existence of a small cut in the top middle section of the screen for the front camera, but that’s not what we see in the picture.

The design of the full screen leads us to believe that the Galaxy A90 will instead front camera popup. May be this is the black dot that you see the top of the phone. This image is substantially similar to the sequence in which rose in the month of March last, which appeared in the Galaxy A90 with front camera popup. Apart from the front camera, this picture suggesting further that the Galaxy A90 will sensor fingerprint in the screen similar to the Galaxy A Series of high-end other.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that it was yesterday spotted a copy 5G of Galaxy A90 works processor Snapdragon 855 in the platform performance tests Geekbench. There are expectations that the 4G version of this phone will turn on the processor Snapdragon 855.


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