Leak new: the Google Pixel 4 will come with face recognition technology to professionally

Today appeared new pictures for Pixel 4, in addition to those that we shared with you on Twitter, but that’s possible about the sequence in which we will share with you the US today is that the cover protection glass to the screen of the phone which it of course reveals more details about the details of your company as well as the upper edge of the mega.

The leaked images confirm the US is the top edge (Bezel), big and it has become a reality can not be changed, that’s first, secondly the known upper and come with a strange right hand, that space is likely they will be used to assess Face Authentication, facial recognition which will come with Android version Q but it may support more complex techniques, but first, share your images:

Aperture oval shape that appear in the image above is expected to come in two phones Pixel 4 the normal and also the Pixel 4 XL, we also expect a relationship between these “holes” alien Project Soli your Google.

Draft Soli is a system that works in radio and is able to track the movements including hand gestures, only to the optimal use of this system in the case of phones, the Google Pixel is to run the facial recognition feature is a perfect addition because Google has offered the system for the first time in four years, so he’s certainly got significant improvements,

The following are the share your video the official announcement of the draft Sully:

If we merge between the rumors about the draft Soli and his return to life once again and the rumors about the characteristic of Face Authentication, facial recognition we are confronted with a new technology from Google may be the best of Face ID your Apple.

In general we hope to use Google, this space is elliptical at the upper edge are perfect, because if you don’t then the phone is like بـPixel 3 XL which came with a huge bump up at the same time did not support facial recognition technology in terms of sensors internal gear.

Sources: IceUniverse | AndroidPolice

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