Leak of prices for 4 new iPhone releases coming in September

In previous years it was difficult to know anything about Apple phones or products before their official launch, but now things have become different, in the current period we know new information about the expected phones on a daily basis to the point that we know almost everything.

The following image reviews four different models of the iPhone 12, and this is what the leaks began to refer to for many months, as we know, Apple intends to launch two phones under the name iPhone 12 with a dual rear camera, and they are the ones who will succeed the iPhone 11 and XR, that is, they are the cheaper versions.

The larger versions are the usual, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max – or the name may differ – with a triple rear camera and LiDAR sensors that appeared on the previous iPad Pro.

iPhone 12

Today, an additional leak appeared about iPhone 12 phones, which focused on pricing, and in fact, the pricing of iPhone 12 phones will be excellent compared to previous generations on the one hand, and competitors' phones on the other hand. The smaller and lesser iPhone 12 phone will start at $ 699, and prices will escalate to $ 1399 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the highest storage memory. It is reported that the leaks have indicated that the four versions will come with OLED screens, while only the Pro versions will come with a frequency of 120 hertz for the screen.

According to the leaks, iPhone 12 phones will come with random 6 GB memory, with the new Apple A14 Bionic processor, which will come with a 5-nanometer manufacturing precision, which will give it a major advantage in energy consumption and performance, and add to all of the above support for fifth generation networks.

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