Leak of the first Nokia phone with camera pop-up Strictly 32-megapixel!

Enjoy the company HMD Global good track record of achievements since taking the famous brand Nokia, which the company is working on improving the production of its phones to suit the needs of the market; the latest of these improvements is a Nokia phone with a camera popup.

تسريب أول هاتف نوكيا مع كاميرا منبثقة بدقة 32 ميجابيكسلLeak of the first Nokia phone with camera pop-up Strictly 32-megapixel

According to one of the settlement accounts of the famous and, the Nokia phone 8.2 is expected in the way of production with the first camera popup Silva strictly 32-megapixel.

Believe the Nokia 8.2 Khalifa Nokia 8.1, which was launched December last year with the design of the extrusion, but this year became the extrusion shouts of old and the camera pop-up and animated the hole screen place which the company operates to continue him in its phones this year.

For specifications other phone, it is expected to be launched with the Android operating system Q will come with the Random Access Memory 5 GB RAM there is the option of storage capacity up to 256 GB, and the average treatment certainly.

Finally, it will be the launch of the Nokia 8.2 in the second quarter of 2019 and no information is available on the date more specific or prices yet.

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