Leak: phone the Google Pixel 4 XL will come with the design of the bad and inconsistent

In the last month, I broke the Google rules and we were shown some of the official pictures from the phone Pixel 4, this photo was Is review the rear camera of the phone which will come in box is similar for the leaked iPhone 11 which was the site of OnLeaks had been leaked previously but it came back this time with a new infusion confirms that the new phone from Google will come with the edge of the large overhead headphones specs the Lakers down, but the good thing here is that we will never see a note like that was in the Google Pixel 3 again.

The photos that we have now are leaking, imagine the OnLeaks design based on what has been leaked from the dimensions of the phone etc., However, this design is the closest to the truth because the detection of the phone had suggested, of course, From the leaked images you can conclude that notes large Google Pixel 3 is replaced by the edge of the overhead is huge, which will include two cameras, dual front speakers and also some of the sensors extra added OnLeaks it is expected that the second camera around the front will be a camera lens wide Wide Angle in addition to it’s possible to submit a feature phone الـFaceID as in Apple phones, this is because the space is enough to add the sensors needed.

The new registry also told us that the screen is coming, led by 6.25 inches while the dimensions of the phone will be 160.4 x 75.2 x 8.2 mm while the thickness of the phone will be 9.3 mm when the area of the lens is outstanding.

Regarding the rear camera has involved you in the experience earlier the fact that they will be the lens telefoto and this by great. On the other hand won’t the phone comes with a fingerprint sensor at the back, this tells us that the phone is either coming with the calculation of the fingerprint built-in screen or will depend only on face recognition system -if added – the tops of the It is in phones Apple.

On the other hand we can picture to see the open sky at the top is small, this while there are open and my headphones in the bottom, this could mean that the phone will come with headphones Sterio but will depend on the speakers down only, which would be frustrating of course.

Is expected to come Google Pixel 4 XL with 6 GB of RAM in addition to a Snapdragon 855 the newest, a notable development from the previous generation at least in terms of memory random.

Source: AndroidPolice

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