Leak reveals bug Microsoft talks Xbox

Reported by the news report that the company Microsoft contracted with staff to listen in on audio recordings to users of the gaming platform (Xbox) and they are talking in their homes, in order to improve the features of image recognition provided by the organization.

The site said (pitchforks) Motherboard: the sound that bugged the contractors were supposed to record after the voice command (Xbox) or (Hey Cortana) Hey Coratna, but the contractors have said that the recordings were to start occasionally and accidentally.

This report is the latest in a series of leaks that have shown that Microsoft has come from people listen to the voice that recorded by many of their products. The website (pitchforks) has been reported previously that Microsoft has allowed contractors eavesdropping on some calls messaging service Skype, in addition to the sound recorded by the digital assistant Cortana.

Said one of the for previous contractors who worked on behalf of Microsoft; to (pitchforks): “I came own orders is Xbox in the beginning as something outlier kind of, then became half of what we do, before we become most what we do”.

Said the previous contractor they worked on the voice recordings from Xbox from 2014 to 2015, before launches the Microsoft help its digital Cortana on the podium in 2016. With reference to the platform (Xbox One) was launched in November of 2013 with the possibility of control by voice command through the system (Kinect) Kinect.

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When aware of some users the ability system Kinect to listen to the users of Xbox and expressed their concern that, Microsoft said at the time: the system Kinect for (Xbox 360) – the former for the Xbox One was designed and built with strong protection of privacy, will continue to system Kinect this new commitment. Then in 2016, Microsoft moved to support to receive voice commands via Cortana.

It is indicated that Microsoft has removed Cortana from Xbox in the month of July last, however, is still a digital assistant able to talk with games via their own applications on Android and iOS.

Microsoft had said on Wednesday last: it’s happened to its privacy policy to inform customers that it was collecting data and voice users with the help of its employees, plus external contractors. The aim was to enable them to provide services based on sound in both Skype and Cork our.

Referred to to Microsoft is the latest among the technology companies that adopt such practices, after media reports said on Tuesday that Facebook paid to contractors external to copy the audio track from the users of their services.

And need to technology companies in the United States to widespread criticism from legislators and regulators because of the practices of their privacy, especially as they allow the skin by tapping on the details, very personal.

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