Leak reveals the price of monthly subscription services broadcast games Apple Arcade

Leak reveals the price of monthly subscription services broadcast games Apple Arcade

The company intends Apple TV service offering broadcast games (Apple TV for the arcade) Apple Arcade vs 4.99 US dollars per month, according to website 9to5Mac on Monday.

The American company had started two days before a test internally exclusively to its employees allows them the possibility of early access to the service (Apple Arcade) – announced during a special event held on 25 March last.

She described the Apple TV then the service as “an innovative way to reach a bunch of new games entirely, which will not be available on any platform-mobile phones other or in any subscription service again.” Instead of payment in advance for each game, will participate in the service players the chance to experience any game on the service without risk.

It will allow service (Apple TV for the arcade) for iOS users, Mac or iOS, and Apple TV t-in, pay a fixed monthly subscription fee in exchange for access to 100 games, but so far the police didn’t know about the estimated price for the monthly subscription.

He said the site 9to5Mac today: he’s got the information about the subscription price (the Apple TV for the arcade) to consumers, and after that enable access to the building to the service, with the staff of the company, compared to 0.49 USD, in addition to the month free demo until the end of the pilot phase of which was said will end with the launch of the final version of the system (iOS 13).

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The site also mentioned that he found in one of the facades of the development of the software used in application service on the store (app store) promotional message determines the price of the monthly subscription service at $ 4.99 a month, plus a month free demo. As announced Apple TV previously, the service will be available to all members of the accounts of the joint family.

Since Apple did not announce the estimated price for the monthly subscription service, the website 9to5Mac reports that it may change before the official announcement of its launch which is due to be on 10 September during an event announcing new generation of iPhones.

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