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“Leak technique” reveal the advantages of the iPhone the next 12

Still long months separated from the date put phone “iPhone 12”, but rumors digital began in the detection of characteristics associated with the device, which has put wide in the world.

According to the website “Forbes” the phone “iPhone 12” will change the banner on the design level, the reason is that the device will enter the network of the fifth generation of communications.

It quotes the source that the company “Apple” abandoned antenna “antenna” responsible for the network of the fifth generation made by the company “Qualcomm” because of his huge size which doesn’t fit the new design.

It is likely that being put the device in different sizes, to be smaller in the range of 6.1 inches, Add-On rely on the screens “Olid” and other model LCD, but the best phone will be the size of his to the 6.7 inches it will be a “Olid”.

In the meantime, rise to enhance the camera phone “iPhone 12” camera “ToF” cutting-edge, but it won’t cover all models.

The camera TOF for smart phones that monitor objects or areas, by launching a pulse of light and measures the time it takes to return.

This process contributes to the distinction the best food, as well as the possibility of freezing the image generating stereoscopic images closer to reality.

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