Leak: this is the app secret used by Apple during the drafting of the phones

Over one of the users of the iPhone scenario is very normal, as his phone was off so he went to the phone Center maintenance Apple to be repaired which is what might have been, but after I received this user phone notice strange application name iQT was on his phone, and then open it and try it it became clear that the application works on the phone checking intensively and complete.

The application of iQT, which has been described as”the application of Apple’s secret” undermine the implementation of more than 40 test on the iPhone is that it can happen all the problems existing in the phone both in terms of software or hardware so that the reform process be more easily and smoothly.

The user who has gone through this experience not only did he leak the pics to the information, but has also filmed a video review in which all the advantages of the app, which you can watch it now:

This app is not available of course in the App Store we have not heard about before, where that application has been mention of his name on the internet only one time on an old to The iPhone Wiki! But now it’s changed, where we know all about it, as users have demanded available on the App Store to be able to use it in the examination of the performance of their phones! Does Apple do this? We participated stop you.

Source: Cult of Mac

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