Leak wireless charger Wireless Charger Duo phone Galaxy Note 9

Wireless Charger Duo

The famous warrior Roland Quandt recent bulletin image for the wireless which will be announced for the Galaxy Note 9, and we have good news and bad news.

Remember when you were monitoring some of the evidence about the advent of the wireless charger fast phone Galaxy Note 9 strongly 25W’s? Well, show the image that was leaked the same shipper that carries the name of the Wireless Charger Duo and the name of the symbolic EP-N6100.

The good news is that it can charge a smartphone and the upcoming smart Galaxy Watch at the same time. That’s very comforting, isn’t it? Well, yes and no, because the charger is designed to take out 25 watts of power because you should not say shipped ready one but two devices at once, which brings us to the bad news, it is not to offer the option of wireless charging quick.

Generally, we will have more details concerning the supplement and survive in today August 9, during the official announcement.



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