Leaked high resolution images, specifications and prices of Huawei phones P20

Select Huawei on March 27 to announce the 3 new phones from the P series lead for the current year. The standard version will be known as P20 and the strongest ones will be P20 Pro while P20 Lite will be characterized by pricing economic. You may wonder how will The design and specifications of the phones and P20, so we spotted you the latest leaks overall specifications and design.

Huawei P20 وP20 Pro

For them, the fear of the iPhone X where coming in fact of a freelancer’s upper and excess in the screen, which would be inconsistent with the lower limb especially in the P20. From the rear, will adopt the camera to double and triple in the vertical position. The two phones are coming glass design the sleek steel screen them in the dimensions long and 19:9, accuracy 1080×2240 pixels although the screen P20 Pro will be larger in size and the type of OLED. Internally, will be coming with a processor Kirin 970 at a speed of 2.4 cars. Will be P20 Pro battery 4,000 mA while P20 battery of 3,400 mA. They will not support any of the two phones add an external memory of microSD, instead of the side port two SIM card. It will enhance the P20 Pro camera three the wallpaper, to the second as 80 mm is close to the longest ever in modern phones. Will allow the P20 in black, blue, Golden pink, while P20 pro with the same colors but with a blue purple rather than Golden pink.

Huawei P20 Lite

Coming to the design was almost identical with the rest of mouila P20 of where to set the excess on the screen, but the parties will be greater. As coming behind the glass makes it similar to the phones for 8 and 9, will be available in black, blue, pink.

Price and timely

They will probably release phones P20 in the markets in the middle of April, and for the prices they are as follows:

  • Huawei P20 at a price of 680 euros – 3,145 SAR.
  • Huawei P20 Pro at a price of 900 euros – 4,165 SR.
  • Huawei P20-Lite at a price of 380 euros – 1,760 SAR.

Knowing that the above prices to Europe, which is always much cheaper in the local market.

Pictures of Huawei P20

Pictures of Huawei P20 Pro

Pictures of Huawei P20 Lite

Source: Winfuture.de

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