Leaked image and specifications of Huawei phone P Smart 2019

Seek the company of Huawei in the year 2019 to dislodge Samsung from the throne of the largest manufacturer of phones smart or at least reduce the difference significantly with the Koreans before the arrival of the target product.

The leaks indicate that the phone P Smart will be the flagship phones the company is expected in 2019 where I got the phone on some leaks through the watches show the design and some specifications.

Will phone screen size of 6.2 inches accurately QHD with a protrusion in the form of a drop of water will be the processor Kirin 710 with 4GB RAM and 64GB memory storage can be increased via a separate external memory .

There are two cameras from the back accurately 13MP and 2MP camera front-facing selfies accurately 24MP where will these specs on the battery size of 3400 Ms amps Android system 9.0.

There’s no date to announce the phone officially but it seems that the phone price will not exceed $ 280.


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