Leaked image of the director of Huawei executive, which uses the phone’s dead X

Huawei phone is dead X has caused a sensation since the announcement only that the hype is still growing given the approaching launch date of the phone is dead X and also phone said taxi Fuld also participated you a little while ago.

Between all these events was leaked image of the executive director of sector consumer-oriented products Richard Yu and he uses a new phone in the airport.

As it appears from the picture it seems that Mr. Richard was aware that someone was taking pictures of her did not mind about it. this is because the device didn’t become a secret anymore.

Yesterday involved you complete specifications, having been included on the website of TENNA that you can watch it now from this article but most of what is stated in the specification of the phone is that it will come with OLED screen accurately 2480×2200 also comes with a processor with Kirin 980 flagship.

Source: Gizmochina

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