Leaked image of the phone of TCL with screen retractable

Publish the site (CNET) CNET today, Monday a picture of what he Phone Smart Design and innovative think company (TCL) TCL release, was announced during the Mobile World Congress MWC 2020, which closed due to fears caused by the outbreak of MERS-CoV.

The site said technical: the flip phones from the likes of the (Galaxy Z flip) Galaxy Z Flip from Samsung, and(Reiser) Razr from Motorola is not the only way to make the cell phones doubled the size of the screen during the current year. He added that he learned that TCL works on a phone screen retractable instead of folding from the middle.

Leaked image of the phone of TCL with screen retractable

Based on the images obtained by CNET, the phone screen pulls, which seems like it’s a normal phone, but drag the screen multiply its area to become a device similar to a computer tablet. The website quoted from a reliable source that the company plans to announce the phone later this month during the MWC 2020 cancelled.

Although he is not yet aware of the mechanism that you will use TCL to provide screen phone retractable, but it is believed that the screen is flexible to allow for hidden ones that wraps behind the other part.

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It is also believed that the design of the phone makes it like a phone (TCL 10 Pro) TCL 10 Pro which was announced last month during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020 with the price of homes does not exceed $ 500.

Leaked image of the phone of TCL with screen retractable

It is indicated that the company TCL had decided to enter the smartphone market on its own behalf in 2020, announced early last month on three new phones running the Android platform, and its own brand, namely: TCL 10 Pro and TCL 10L and TCL 10 5G.

The company has revealed the late October/ last October about a prototype for folding the that three of my screens, bendable in two places, with a screen that measures 10 inches.

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