Leaked images and specifications of HTC phone U11 EYEs

Showed new leaks today from the account of Evan Blass trusted often that the company HTC is working on the launch of the new phone from the middle class carries the name of HTC U11 EYEs.

The phone will provide some advantages such as the screen senses small and also there are two cameras selfie from the front in addition to standards for resistance to dust and water IP67 sensor the fingerprint of the cell .

The rest of the specifications refer to a screen size of 6 inches with a Snapdragon processor 652 and memory of random size of 4GB with the memory of the internal storage of 64GB can be increased via a separate external memory.

There are also two cameras selfie accurately 13MP and it is expected that the phone runs Android system direct 7.1 on a huge battery with a capacity of 3930 MS amp where it will offer the phone in red and black and silver.


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