Leaked images and specifications of the headset Samsung Wireless

Revealed a source of reliable images and specifications of the headset Galaxy best (Galaxy Buds) wireless high launched soon.

Beside leak sky in white before, looks like it will be available also in black, according to new photos that confirmed also keep a design portfolio to hear the gear icon from the X last year.

The source added that the battery will come with a capacity smaller be 58 Ma, while the battery Gear Icon X with a capacity of 82 mAh, to be kept of the Galaxy best with a capacity of 252 mAh, which is less by about 100 MA, but it supports wireless charging.

Recall that the largest criticism for the Gear Icon The X is the short battery life, so reducing the battery capacity remains questionable.

And he says he will give the battery capacity is small, support Galaxy been charging by Battery Galaxy S10 with the wireless charging feature the reverse. Whatever the case, you may keep the battery life as it is, although reduced amplitude.

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Some specifications of Galaxy best other related support Bluetooth 5, evaluation of the IPx2 to resist water spray, capacity of 8 gigabytes of storage.

Finally, the official announcement of the sky with a series Galaxy S10, on Wednesday, February 20, to to come heaven as a gift with phones in the case of pre-ordering some of the states.

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