Leaked images clearer for EVO next

This topic leaked images clearer for EVO next appeared on Engadget.

Appeared a group of pictures for the EVO on one of the websites, and that are said to be for 2018. And have featured these devices in size with the new details. And it is likely that these two devices constitute 2 of the 3 phones and used the Apple to detect them in the autumn of this year. It is worth noting that the three devices had appeared with a screen containing on the design of the extrusion are listed by the cameras and sensors front.

And is likely to be the device bigger is the iPhone X Plus. Likely to be the device the smaller is iPhone least price, and which comes with a larger frame with a little less of the other, and LCD instead of OLED.

And by the pictures it seems that the white model has a rear camera Double while it seems that the device is the smallest contains only one camera. And is that consistent with the details that had been published earlier this year which indicates that three devices will remain similar with each other, except that the iPhone and the average size will be at least.

And according to what came in the pictures come iPhones in black and white with a frame made of metal. And it’s possible that the device has the largest screen of 6.5 inches, while the device comes younger probably screen size of 6.1 inches.

And is expected to be the price of the device smaller $ 600 or less. While available to come Khalifa phone iPhone X is priced at $ 1000 or more. And is likely to show a selection iPhone X 2018 September 2018, just as it was in the past several years. And you are likely to come smart phones this year alone, in an event separate from the event, iPad Pro and Mac devices new.


This topic leaked images clearer for EVO next appeared on Engadget.

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