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We fully expect that the launches of the Apple smartphones, the three new group of iphone 11 in September, may be things have borrowed from reality, thanks to the video clip he’s supposed to know the body of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11 R, where the supports video from website Mobile Fun, he knows the imaginary units of the three devices obtained from the difference in China is true in terms of the actual size and direction of the organization and the size of the screen, Although there is no guarantee that these devices are what we’ll see launched later this year but it is in line with a number of previous rumors that indicate the similarity of the fairly large in design with the only major change is the mass of a bigger camera in the back of the new iPhones

General specifications for iphone 11 in accordance with the arrangements

صور مُسربة لأجهزة iphone 11 القادم والمُزمع إصدارها في سبتمبر المقبلLeaked images for iphone 11 next and chronic released in September

According to Mobile Fun the screen sizes and the dimensions of the iPhone is exactly the same series current devices, this means that the screen of the iPhone 11 will have a screen size of 5.8 inch and measuring 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm, although it is expected to get camera additional background, so that up to three, is iPhone 11 Max is the largest of its kind, with a screen size of 6.5 inches imprint 157.5 × 77.4 × 7.7 mm, in addition, it also equipped with access on the preparation of camera background of the trilogy.

Finally it will be your iPhone 11R famous among his brothers in terms of size, with a screen of 6.1 inches and the dimensions of 150.9 × 75.7 × 8.3 mm, and also supports they get camera additional background, although this last recording from iPhone 11 looks very convincing, but it is still necessary to deal with such leaks with caution, because Apple has not yet revealed any details about the new hardware, and still on after two months of any launch potential.

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