Leaked images live phone P30 Pro by the conference of Huawei in 26 of March

The first leaked images of living which reveal the design of the Huawei associated P30 Pro, where the monitoring of the phone via Digital Trends.


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Use Huawei for the official announcement about its phones funded P30 وP30 Pro in 26 of the month of next March in a special conference of the network, today revealed leaks, a photographer by the design of the phone وP30 Pro, with expectations that this will be the first model of the phone according to the combinations of Digital Trends.

The latest leaks that the phone P30 Pro features settings quad for the rear as an alternative to the settings of the tripartite made at the telephone P20 Pro, also comes phone P30 Settings three for the rear as an alternative to the settings of the double presented in the phone P20.

By the last show shopping catalogs new phone Huawei P30 Pro in the first model settings in the camera background, however, the projections indicate that Huawei will change on the final model of the phone that comes to the signing of the Leica also.

Still a lot of the specifications of the phones coming from Huawei series P30 is not clear even now, however, some leaks suggest the processor chip Kirin 980 for the next versions, so we expect more details about the versions of Huawei in the coming period.


I know of

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