Leaked images of a new review won’t phone Motorola Razr V4 folding and all its accessories


Motorola folding one of the most smartphones interesting. Folding vertical if done properly, may represent the rebirth of phones psoriasis. And give us the images that was leaked today look good on the phone itself.

It seems that these images are in line with what we’ve heard so far and the box is great, too. May be a special tray with the private version of the phone, at least based on the number of accessories that contain them. We have what appears to be a wireless charger, and earphones cable for type USB-A to USB-C, power adapter, and USB Type-C to 3.5 mm which works to convert the USB Type-C to USB headphones to 3.5 mm.

This supplement the latter confirms previous reports that reported that the Motorola rollaway currently known as the Motorola Razr V4 won’t separate headphones 3.5 mm, and again, in case if these leaks are true. This photo has appeared originally on the social network of Chinese Weibo, but was removed since then.


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