Leaked images of Galaxy Fold 2 and a variety of

Was leaks the Galaxy Fold 2 folding and wait for his arrival this year of the Samsung mixed over the past weeks and months.

The beginning of the screen to the Interior, said one of the sources that the front cameras will be of the kind that comes in the hole of the screen, but transmitting a frame like note.

After the intervention of the Famous Warrior Ice Universe leaked photos of the official for Fold 2, (Top article) confirmed that there is one hole for the camera front alone, it may seem at first glance strange, but it’s right in the middle, if we consider the front screen consists of two screens.

تسريب صور Galaxy Fold 2 ومعلومات متناقضة 1

The information second, they are the design of the outer screen, and you may publish our by the that, instead of a small screen is not practical such as those in the first generation and did not like the users, there will come a Fold 2 screen compared to its bigger and the exposure of the content such as what is known as his regular phone completely, rather than miniature copies of the application.

This information was confirmed by the newspaper ET News, a Korean a few weeks ago, increased that the external screen would be compared to its 6.23 inch and accurately 2267×819 pixel dimensions 24.9:9 at a rate of 60 Hz refresh normal. While the screen of the tablet will be led by the 7.7-inch accurately 2213×1689 pixels at a rate determined 120 Hz, and benefit from a layer of glass high in phone Z Flip.

The product label shows this information, based on the image of a patent registered by Samsung has the World Patent organization (WIPO); and alludes to the fact that the external screen comes in the form of a vertical bar, add to that the card capacity of the phone 4365 mAh, which is smaller than capacity 4380 mAh in the version of Fold of the original.

تسريب صور Galaxy Fold 2 ومعلومات متناقضة 2Pictures of Fold 2 based on the patented Samsung

This registration also varied with the leak of the Ice Universe, which claims that the internal display is surrounded by the edges of the broad and highest note great to host the cameras.

The weighting among the leaks

For the interior, it makes no sense having a camera engraved in the screen inside the frame like a sheet, as to Ice the Universe more reliable than others, so get back pictures that indicate the hole with a camera alone.

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For Foreign Affairs, glimpse, first, that the vast majority of registered patents do not take pictures of the final product, and means recording Samsung patent about a foldable phone that they will use, but we can’t design without an external display completely, maybe that helps reduce the price of the phone after the first version was about 2000$, but then the machine will be more deserving of the name “tablet folding”, only if it was retractable to the outside like Mate X from Huawei.

However, the name of the ET News has its place when it comes to news Samsung, so go back to the external screen will come value of 6.23 inches as alleged in its report.

The launch date is expected

Recall that Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip folding of the medium category in February of this year. The chain Fold represents the leading category of phones are foldable -so come Fold 2 processor Snapdragon 865 – will not date another custom every year.

According to you Samsung to release Fold 2 in the month of July next, to be a commercial orientation in September.

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