Leaked images of Glass Bathroom your phones pixel 3 reveals its design

تسريب صور زجاج الحماية الخاص بهواتف بكسل 3 يكشف عن شكل الهاتف

Use Google to release phones new pixels this year, but continued to maintain strict confidentiality about phones coming long before the reveal leaked images about the shape of my phone pixel 3 as well as pixel 3 XL.

As shown the leaked pictures of the nature protection screen phones, my phone pixels are coming in two different sizes, so that the phone pixel 3 will be smaller than the XL, and that bulk phone will get a bump in the top of the screen like many of the phones that have appeared recently.

The strange thing is that the two phones carrying three slots in the top of the phone, and usually there is a slot for the camera and of the Council of photosynthesis, but the presence of two holes are alike probably means dual camera, in my opinion, is the company that actually?

On the whole, it seems that the two phones are coming $ 18:9 with the edges slightly curved, according to the leaked image the phone will younger appear more attractive, without extrusion at the top of the screen.


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