Leaked images of the new review will not design LG phone Stylo 5 from different angles


Since last February, under the activity of the company LG in the smartphone market low. However, according to a new synthesis, it seems that the South Korean company preparing to return strongly to the market with new products amid growing efforts in the 5G. It is likely to be the phone LG Stylo 5 among the results of the restructuring undertaken by the company LG section smartphones of not.

In fact, today I have been leaking images of the new review will not Phone LG Stylo 5 from different angles. While it is a new phone, it looks quite similar to the phone LG Stylo 4, in addition to his brother LG Q Stylus α. However, there are still some clear changes at the level of design in the LG phone Stylo 5 new.

Regardless of the design, there are still information regarding the technical specifications of this phone are not available we have at the moment. However, we do not expect that this phone be a pioneer, instead it will be a smart phone of the middle class. Generally, we promise to update the site immediately connected us more information about this device.


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