Leaked images of the new us shipper new wireless Dual Wireless Charger of Samsung


Yesterday we saw the first image leaked for the wireless Dual Wireless Charger coming from Samsung, it is the shipper who is expected to know about the South Korean company at the same event that will detects your phone Galaxy Note 9 and the smart watch Galaxy Watch on the ninth day of the month of August this year, in the Economic of America, New York.

Having said that, we are here today with the image of a leaked new review us from a new wireless Charging Dock Dual Wireless Charger designed to charge two different devices at the same time. Moreover, this review will not further the shipper wired the Adaptive Fast Charging, which will come already with the phone Galaxy Note 9 which supports fast charging technology.

As we have mentioned yesterday, this new wireless is capable of charging your smartphone and the upcoming smart Galaxy Watch at the same time. However, this charger will not support fast charging technology because it’s designed to take out 25 watts of energy note it does not say to Charge one device, but two devices at once.



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