Leaked images of the New Wireless Charger Duo phone Note 9, smart Galaxy Watch


The Roland Quandt recently tweeting a new include set of official images of the base wireless charging Wireless Charger Duo, a subsidiary of Samsung which we saw in the last week, which is a base wireless charging which is supposed to allow users to charge the Galaxy Note 9 and the smart Galaxy Watch at once.

This is the design of the base wireless charging which carries the code name EP-N6100, it includes a place for the phone and another for smart. But there is more, it has been monitoring another base for wireless download code name EP-P3100 is substantially similar to the base of the charging base for Smart at the base of the large cargo size.


We can’t be sure at the moment whether this is a separate device entirely, or do we look at the wireless charger Double detachable. Logical to think about it, if you only need to charge your smart watch during implementation, will you disconnect the charging base small as to be in reach of your hands. However, the fact that it has a code name different that suggests otherwise, they are perhaps the base of the other wireless charging is designed for the phone have similar design to the base shipping of your Clock, the smart Wireless Charger Duo.



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