Leaked images of the official press phone LG G7

It’s only a few weeks to advertise phone LG G7, but we almost know a lot about it due to the leaks, where many leaks in the past weeks, last, began to the colors that will be included in the device is five, through the emergence of a leak that the device will include a new button in the left of the phone similar to what I did to Samsung in its organs to summon the assistant Bixby personal, which it turns out later that it is the custom to call the assistant to Google profile, and unlike the Samsung, the New button can’t customize it to call another application quickly.

There are no more surprises in the Conference of the LG law in regard to the design of the device where they showed a leak New which was posted in Twitter by one of the correspondents of the site VentureBeat explains the full design for LG G7 showed all the aspects of the device, as the recording shows that the phone is still Governor on the outlet of the speaker Headphone jack unlike a lot of devices.


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