Leaked images of the phone Meizu 17 curved design Waterfall

Later the Giants of manufacturing the phone in China to the design of the Waterfall in the next versions of smartphones, the company Meizu is one of the companies that offer phone Meizu 17 soon to design the curve in the sides of the screen.

Revealed the latest shopping catalogs published today about the design of the phone Meizu 17 associated with of the most of the corner, where the phone comes with curved screen from both sides with the same design for Vivo Waterfall.

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Also featuring a phone Meizu 17 sensor key camera background accurately 48 mega pixel camera with sensor of the other, as the phone comes with two choices in colors are black and white, this version without the entrance of 3.5 mm headphones.

It is expected that the phone comes the Meizu 17 important changes in design and specifications, due to the passage of two years to change the Meizu design versions the leading of the company, so we expect the official announcement to get clearer on the specification of this version.


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