Leaked images over Model phone ZenFone 6 from Asus

This topic leaked images over Model phone ZenFone 6 from Asus appeared on Engadget.

Published today a set of leaked images of the models phones Asus of ZenFone 6, where the reveal sound more than a design company with some other specifications.


Reveal leaked images of the models series of phones ZenFone 6, Asus has three versions of smart phones apply next year.

Leaks can also design medium series phones ZenFone 6 next year, where one of the images design featuring a hole in the screen with the same concept available for the Korean giant Samsung in the next version.

Also expected to include a slot that come in the left side top of the screen camera the front of the phone, it also features a design dialogue by high and more thickness in the lower part of the front facade, as it comes this model of the ZenFone 6 design head for the rear in the phone, to the side of the entrance to the 3.5 mm headphones.


The second model that comes in leaks series phones ZenFone 6, is characterized by extrusion of the upper in the screen, it comes in the right side of the design, the front size is too small.

Where the extrusion of the cable control front phone ZenFone 6, as this model features also frames with slim too with thickness of more frames at the bottom, also featuring this model’s sensor fingerprint in the background with the settings of dual camera.


The latter model of phones ZenFone 6 features the design features the extrusion of the upper, too, but in the middle of the screen, with frames and thin at the sides, with a thickness of more in the bottom of the phone interface, and this model of phone in the design of the rear, with the settings of the three for the rear.


Also did not confirm these leaks on the launch of three models of the phone, however, these leaks confirm that the phone manufacturers will also in the design of smart phones coming to same design language possible to the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone.


This topic leaked images over Model phone ZenFone 6 from Asus appeared on Engadget.

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