Leaked images reveal the design of the funky camera pop-up in the Oppo Reno

The latest images that have been leaked recently for the issuance of Oppo associated with the line production of the new Reno, where she revealed this photo on the funky design of the unit pop-up for all car selfie on the phone.

Leaked Oppo Reno

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The design of the camera pop-up in smart phones is one of the designs used by the manufacturers of the phone recently to change the extrusion in the screen, except that the company Oppo will also popup module for vehicle headlights with a new design.

And delivery of new comic about the design of the slash unit camera pop-up in Reno, which is a strange design to some extent, however, the projections indicate that the company Oppo want to launch a version differently from the unit featured slider phone Find X, or design is possible with the camera pop-up a small size such as mobile phone Vivo V15 Pro, so was this design is the vision recent buy Oppo.

And leak another video of the phone posted via Slashleaks, has revealed the design of the unit pop-up for all the car selfies for Reno and mechanism of action of this unit in the live experience, as shown in the video use the design larger camera pop up in the phone Reno law, as added Oppo flash amplifier operations of the unit pop up on the phone support offer the best in screen frames with the thinnest.

So we expect during the next period of the declaration of Oppo on the date of the official unveiling telephone Reno to get clearer on the features and specifications of the phone and the price that applies to the markets.


I know of

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